Saturday, June 4, 2011

JF Brooks - "Love Can't Pay My Bills"

I'm slackin' on my mackin'! My inbox has been flooded with a bunch of crap and this dope submission right here got lost in the sauce for a few days. Shout out to the homie Mr. Lindo for getting me this early. I just accidentally dropped the ball on it. Better late than never though!

Here it is 7am and I'm blogging. All things with reason though. I don't think any track could possibly be more apropos at this moment than this new JF Brooks release. I woke up at 6:30 am on a Saturday to my cell phone ringing. It was my business phone. There's was a problem I had to take care of right away or there would be big problems this weekend. Instead of hopping back into bed, I took the opportunity to keep working. Combing through my inbox for new material, I realized I missed a gem!

I first caught wind of JF Brooks about 6 months ago when he dropped his first video for "Seasoning". I've been rocking with his music ever since. Anticipation for his first album 'Undeniable' has been building with each leak to the 'net. In March he released "When I Grow Up" and now we are blessed with "Love Can't Pay My Bills".

On this track, produced by The Watcherz, JF gives you the straight talk about a man trying to balance family life while at the same time staying on top of his business. What do you do when food needs to be put on the table? Do you sit at home and daydream about all the things you wish you had or do you get up, get out and get something? I'm on board with the BiGCiTYBiGCiTY front man. Love can't pay my bills. So I stay on top of my work. "I want to be all used up when I die." - George Bernard Shaw

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