Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Dee Goodz - "The Wave" Series

Welcome to day 1 of the "The Wave". I don't know another independent artist that works like Dee Goodz. SXSW appearances? Check. Mixtapes? 4 of 'em. Internet support? Every top Hip-Hop blog out there knows Dee Goodz. As a matter of fact, the Nashville based MC will be in NYC later this month for a media run. Oh, did I mention he does this entirely on his own? No management. No deal. Just passion.

"The Wave" is Dee's daily fix of fresh material. Expect a new track ... Every. Single. Day. That's drive. It's quite interesting that "The Wave" begins on the anniversary of Tupac's death, too. At the rate Dee is releasing material, he'll have a catalog as extensive as the late great's!

Click, listen and enjoy the Goodz...

Day 1

Dee Goodz - "I Gottem" (Produced by Mr. Rogers) by RoxFontaine

Day 2

  Dee Goodz-Shot Caller by RoxFontaine  

Day 3

  Dee Goodz - "Life on Demand" by RoxFontaine

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