Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Late Pass - D.A. the Future - "Addicted"

I don't know how this has escaped me for 6 months. This guy is dynamic and right here in NYC. So I'm taking my late pass on this one but it's all good. What's current is not necessarily what is relevant. D.A. the Future is entirely relevant and this video for "Addicted" has certainly grabbed my attention.

D.A. takes us through a couple of his life experiences that fueled his addiction to music. Healthy addiction may sound like an oxymoron but that's exactly what it is. He found an outlet to express himself in a positive way and he does so with power and grace. D.A. is lyrical, engaging and intelligent. This is an artist to watch.

Sidebar: Be sure to sit through the video to hear from 10 Piece!

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