Monday, June 18, 2012

Focus the Truth - "As the Horn Blows" Music Video

"It's the reeaaaaaaal! Hip-Hop, Hip-Hop..."

I've never been to London but I have a special affinity for the place. There's something in the water there that nurtures good Hip-Hop genes. Whether you've been paying attention to music or not, you have to have realized that some of the biggest stars of popular music over the last 10 years were products of London town. It is no surprise then that Jamaica, Queens born Focus the Truth has greatly improved his craft there and is proving such on this new release "As the Horn Blows."

I met Focus the Truth on a radio show last year and he gave me his new, at the time, mixtape 'The Last of the Greats' to listen to. I was very impressed with the opening number "Number One Woman" but was underwhelmed with the rest of the project. Even still, you could clearly hear that Focus the Truth is serious about the art of Rap and is damn good at it.

That desire to grow as an artist is made more apparent in this new video. Focus delivers a straight forward but poignant performance. It's Hip-Hop as we used to know it; beats and rhymes. This is the Focus that I first heard and the one that I hope we hear more of.

Look for his new mixtape 'Something From the Pavement' in the near future. Free stream and download below the video.

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