Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Soope - "F*** Da Police" Music Video

I've been waiting for Hip-Hop to get dangerous again. It's gotten far too safe soft. Not that that in and of itself is a bad thing. Hip-Hop can be as expressive of softer emotions as any art form out there. I'm talking about that soft "Hip-Hop" aka Fist Pumping BS aka Nobody is Going to Riot With This Trash Playing in the Background music. I won't get much deeper into it as that would spark an entirely different conversation that's far too lengthy for this blog post.

That's also not to say that Rap music has to be limited to ignorant, violent and misogynistic content. That's just stupid and if you follow this blog you know that I know better. Anyway...

Soope dropped a dangerous record off this morning. This is not suburbia friendly Hip-Hop. Soope's "F*** Da Police" is the type of music that pushed the creation of the Parental Advisory sticker or backed the LA Riots. This record is offensive.

This record just put Soope on a watchlist.

Full of 80s 808 and 606 styling punctuated with stabs a la Rick Rubin, "F*** Da Police" is Soope's reminder that Hip-Hop is hard edge. The video, shot in "Roadrunna Vision," follows the Indiana native through the streets of NYC as he and his crew fill the polluted Manhattan air with unadulterated Hip-Hop. They even had the ABC news crew boppin' to the music! A brilliant moment and poignant message whether intended or not.

Check it out ... Mee-Meep!

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