Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Villa - 'Pack Light, Travel Far'

'Pack Light, Travel Far' is a brilliant mantra. I've always aimed to live my life this way even though I didn't know what to call it. It's so easy for people to get lost in the shuffle of living in America. We often plant our feet firm and cross our arms and refuse to open ourselves up to greater possibilities due to fear of the unknown. Villa's newest album explores those possibilities but how does it stack up to the previous 'Inertia' LP?

If I had to describe it in a word, it would just be ... different. Villa obviously found a comfortable creative space with producer Brandon Rossi. 'Pack Light, Travel Far' is entirely produced by the long time collaborator and the pairing works perfectly. They've both found their "it" thing and sharpened that skill into a complete theme. The project is dope! No two ways about that. I love Villa's work and this project is no exception.

For all that is right with this album though, there was still something missing for me: variety. Where 'Inertia' gave me different landscapes this project fell short of that. Villa and Rossi's "it" thing is so sharp and precise that it's almost sterile and that's not a good thing. The content is there. The craftsmanship is there. It's just too much of the same. I'd equate it to visiting Giza, Egypt. After the first couple of pyramids, you'll be kind of over it. That doesn't take away from their beauty or the effort given to craft them but there isn't much else to see after the first couple. They were all built the same. Most of 'Pack Light, Travel Far' is pyramids. Great structures on their own but less impressive standing next to each other.

The Sphinx among them is "Polos With No Logos." This was the track that gave me the most excited energy. Brandon Rossi leaves the boards to drop his own brand of delivery on it and it is the most standout moment for me.

Check the free download below, complete with album art and a 12 page booklet in .pdf format. Enjoy!

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