Thursday, November 1, 2012

Brandon Rossi - "Places & Spaces"

I really really like what Brandon Rossi is cookin' up down in ATL. It's like gourmet chicken and waffles as audio. Soulful, fattening comfort music for 3 am romps after the club. Rossi's sound is super smooth and has a signature on it that all aspiring producers aim for. You know a Rossi beat as soon as you hear the first 4 bars.

This is the first track I'm hearing from Brandon minus Villa. I was already well aware that he could hold his own on the mic, but it's really nice to hear him run solo. On "Places and Spaces" he pulls his "playa" card and charges all that he can to the game.

Get into the track and listen to Brandon Rossi talk that talk to the ladies. It's a fun, laid back track for champion game spitters.

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