Monday, December 10, 2012

Exclusive: STORi - "Jump Off to Lovers"

I think STORi said it best herself: "Dope sauce drippin'." Somebody please call for a cleanup in aisle 3!

The Newark, NJ based singer/songwriter STORi has had a strong year. I'm guessing she chose to close out in Hulk mode as "Jump Off to Lovers" is by far the best I've heard from her this year. The smoothed out R&B track takes me back to my junior/senior high school days when you used to make "makeout" tapes. Hell, I may have to make one for nostalgia's sake.

I really dig this vocal performance and production. I'm wondering when we'll get news of a full release from her home at Universal/Motown. Give us the scoop, STORi!

Stream and free download of "Jump Off to Lovers" on deck...

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