Friday, February 1, 2013

Baiyu - "Mourning Hangover"

At this point, Baiyu is just not playing fair. This 2nd release in her 2013 series of monthly releases called "Mourning Hangover" is SO EFFIN' FLY! I happened to be up last night when the track hit YouTube and I was swept off of my feet at first listen. Her work with producer KQuick is always epic.

February is here which means we can expect a LOT of songs about love and relationships as everyone gears up for Valentine's Day. Many of them will stink. (You won't hear about those from me.) Some of them will be really good. Others still are this level of dope.

One of the greatest elements of Baiyu's songwriting is her mastery of metaphors. In style and approach, "Mourning Hangover" reminds me of "Mind Freak" from her latest album 'Hunter.' Brilliant writing that marries two separate themes with wordplay.

She's got another hit on her hands with this one! Check it out....

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