Friday, January 29, 2010

Regional Fast Foods

I've been lucky enough to travel to more than a few places in my short time here on the 3rd rock from the sun.  I've experienced many different cultures, languages and, of course, foods.  Generally, I'm not crazy about food.  My brother Chico Fontaine even says, "If eating weren't an absolute necessity, you'd probably skip it all together."  He's probably right.  I do enjoy good food though and "good" doesn't necessarily mean homemade and/or expensive.

I saw a commercial for Long John Silver's today and it reminded me of one of my favorite places to eat when I'm visiting my family in Florida; Captain D's.  It's the same premise as Long John Silver's just way better in my opinion.  I could eat their hush puppies until it made me sick.  If I'm in Florida for 10 days, I'm eating Captain D's at least 4 times.


That got me to thinking about other really good places I like to grab fast food when I'm traveling that I can't buy here in NY.
Whataburger: I was put on to this place when I was 14 years old.  I was living in Galveston, TX for about 2 months.  I was performing in the Galveston Island Outdoor Musicals production of Show Boat.  Every chance I had, I'd go to Whataburger for food.  Whenever I get back to Texas, this will be my first stop.

Tenya: This is by far my favorite "fast" food in Japan.  I literally gorge myself every time I eat here.  I always order the same thing; 2 pieces of sweet potato, 2 pieces of pumpkin, 2 pieces of whiting fish and green beans.  The sweet sauce that you put on this along with some 7 spice.....OMG!  Heaven on Earth.

Coco Ichiban: This is my second favorite in Japan.  Japanese style curry and rice with with fried fish on top and an ice cold Coca-Cola.  Sometimes I get the chicken stuffed with vegetables or beef cutlet on top.  Either way, it's crazy good.

Cracker Barrel: I usually hit this place in Virginia.  There are a bunch of them on the East coast but I always like to go in Virginia because it's right off of I-95.  I'll usually hit the one in Dumfries or the one in Fredericksburg, VA.  The food here is average but the ambiance is what really makes the experience.  I like poking around the store before and after I eat but I don't think I've ever purchased anything from it. 


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