Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Team L.A.R.K. - 5th Anniversary

In celebration of Team L.A.R.K.'s (Limited And Rare Kicks) 5th anniversary, my good friend Krome revamped our logo for 2010.  The old one was super dope but she brought the logo forward with another slick design.  The next order of business is to get t-shirts made.  That won't be done until warm weather though. They are going to be fresh as hell at this years annual L.A.R.K. BBQ party.  Click the image to enlarge it.


Stormster said...

BONKERS!!!!!! Its going up!

tomat3 said...

stylin' !

GL Rayner said...

5 Years. WOW. Time sure does fly. I can't wait for the shirts Rox!!!