Saturday, April 24, 2010

Kaori in the City 3 - Club Hopping

Oh, what a night!  We started the evening off at The Belmont Lounge.  Power 105.1 DJs Ed Lover and Lady Chellez were controlling the crowd on the wheels of steel.  Ed Lover played a beautiful set full of old school favorites.  I went to hear Lady Chellez spin, but ended up leaving before she got on.  A bit of a bummer but I'll definitely catch her again soon.

It was a really laid back vibe.  Just enough people to be full without being uncomfortable.  It almost felt like a house party.  We tossed back a couple of drinks and then we headed out to The Park to turn the intensity up a notch.

"C'mon, Son!"

DJ Lady Chellez and friends - "The Whores"

Party People

The Park is one of my favorite clubs in NYC.  The ambiance is just amazing.  The staff is always cordial and the establishment is very welcoming.  

We walked into a hopping party!  DJ MIXNYC was tearing the house down playing a nice blend of Rap, Reggaeton, Reggae and R&B.  We almost shut the place down but managed to pull ourselves away at around 3:30 am.  

Full House

In the Groove

Kaori a.k.a. 1 Too Many

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