Friday, April 23, 2010

The NEW!

Back in early March, I posted that I was thoroughly disgusted with the look of my blog and that I was in need of a quality new look to compliment what I strongly feel is quality content. Through a stroke of luck while poking around on Twitter, I discovered a young graphic artist by the name of Angelo Logan.

After checking his portfolio, I was truly impressed with his work and knew that he would be the person I would trust to create my blog's new look. So I hit him up via e-mail and he was quick to respond and very courteous. He got to work right away and here we are, just over 2 weeks later with the new and improved!

While the layout is not 100% yet, I had to show my appreciation and excitement right away. I hope that you enjoy the new look and that is enhances your experience when visiting this blog. All comments and criticisms are welcome.


RTHSTN said...

The new layout looks great! Simple and easy to read.

Rox Fontaine said...

Thanks a million. I appreciate you checking the blog!