Friday, January 6, 2012

Copywrite - "Swaggot Killaz" feat. Jakki Da Mota Mouth

Holy Boom Bap, Batman! This track is crazy. This is the reason that satellite and internet radio are so necessary in Hip-Hop right now. FM dials are bogged down with label funded pop tunes for drones. Songs like this need a place to breathe. While this music always has a home in backpacks and venues with a max capacity of 1,000 across the world, it could certainly use more air time.

Copywrite is a man on a mission. His goal: To be the best Copywrite he's ever been. After some tumultuous times in his personal life, beef with Asher Roth and shaking the battle rap curse, the MC is taking a new direction. It's now all about making the best music he's ever made. With "Swaggot Killaz" we can definitely get excited for February 28th! 'God Save the King' will hit shelves and digital outlets then.

Producer !llmind layed the SLAP on this track, un'erstand me! It's like he managed to grab a few sounds out of Dr. Dre's "The Cronic" sessions. Dude is a certified beast. I've never heard and !llmind track that I didn't like and this is no exception. It's pure unadulterated Hip-Hop.

Check the stream below and, of course, keep an eye out for more leaks from 'God Save the King' right here.

Copywrite - "Swaggot Killaz" feat Jakki Da Mota Mouth by RoxFontaine

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