Tuesday, January 3, 2012

L.O.C.K. - "Dolo"

image via artists facebook page

Whoa. L.O.C.K. teases us with yet another dope track titled "Dolo", which hit his facebook page earlier today. No word yet on whether he's dropping a full project or not. We've already got a great video and a super ill leak, so I'm betting that something is cooking up behind the scenes. 

This self produced cut throws us back to the heyday of the Wu-Tang Clan. It's lo-fi, gritty, dissonant and crunched. It's a revival of the illest kind. If this is the direction that the South Jersey MC is going with it, then he may be on to something strong. Retro everything has been the wave the last 5+ years. Rightfully so, the Wu-Tang sound has been untouched. Even the members themselves largely abandoned their original unpolished sound. There aren't many people that could do the Wu sound justice but L.O.C.K. is on it. 

I'm still surprised by his lyrical ability. As mentioned in previous posts, I've known him primarily as a videographer. To be able to hop back and forth between those two skill sets so easily is pretty special. Is he a rapper that happens to be a videographer or vice versa? My bet is on rapper. Lyrics like these don't come easily. 

Check out the streaming audio below.

Dolo by L.O.C.K aka NEO by L.O.C.K

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