Thursday, January 5, 2012

Adrian Franks - "Poly FEARLESS" Series

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Creative extraordinaire Adrian Franks is at it again! He's taken his wildly popular FEARLESS series of works to a new ... dimension. I've always enjoyed the artist's work but these pieces have sparked a new level of interest. Like ... I want prints of some of these!

Adrian says:

"The Poly FEARLESS came about because of the need to evolve the current FEARLESS silhouette series. I wanted to show that people have multiple sides to them without revealing too much of what the person actually looks like.

Profiles capture a lot without saying too much. When you add a little dimension with basic geometric shapes, the idea evolved from something flat to something multi-dimensional. That is a basic characteristic of humans; Spiritual beings have a multi-faceted and multi-human experience.

I often said that I have many sides - like a pyramid. Just like a pyramid, in order to see all of the different sides at once you'd have to be above me. There's only one that is above me - The Most High. So one could say that the Poly FEARLESS series is a God's Eye view of man."

Well done, Sir! These works are TOO ill. When can we expect prints?

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