Thursday, November 8, 2012

AC - 'Courtesy of a Nightmare'

I was sifting through my mental Rolodex earlier today trying to figure out what I wanted to listen to on Spotify. Eric Sosa came to mind so I ran a search for him. Not much of his work came up. This 'Courtesy of a Nightmare' was in the search results so I clicked on it, pressed play and went back to work.

I listened to most of the first song and thought, "This ain't Eric Sosa but it's damn good! What am I listening to? Who dis?"

Meet AC. Apparently this dude has been operating at a high level right under my nose here in NY. Representing Staten Island, AC has clearly worked all kinks out of his game and is delivering all-star work. 'Courtesy of a Nightmare' is a fantastic project delving into a bevy of themes and ideas and it all works beautifully. The project is further strengthened by the production, handled exclusively by C4 Sinistah.

First impressions are extremely important and AC has made a considerable one with 'Courtesy of a Nightmare.' You will LOVE this album. It's rich in content, style and delivery. He's definitely gained a fan over here.

Check out the free stream below but you'll need to put up a little paper to take it with you. Well worth the purchase price. Dig in...

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