Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Hippie Sabotage - 'Vacant' Instrumentals

Reinvention is the key to sustained relevance in the music world. Especially when it comes to the ever changing sound and feel of Hip-Hop. West Coast producers Hippie Sabotage are giving fans a listen to their first metamorphosis. The result? A much more radio ready selection of instrumentals for MCs to trap and rap to.

I'm a big fan of Hippie Sabotage's instrumental albums and 'Vacant', while sonically very different, is still on par for what I expect from the team. It's official head nod material from start to finish. The beats are far more aggressive in nature this time around and that theme spreads across all 7 instrumentals.

Check the free stream and download below. If you're an MC and you think you have bars of note, I challenge you to record to "You Still Don't Get It" and submit it to submissions@roxfontaine.com. Legitimate work will be posted.


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