Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Saigon - "The Greatest Story Never Told Chapter 2"

The album opens up with, "I hope you got what you paid for. I ain't even gotta say more."

This has always been Saigon's greatest ability: to say so much with so little. What's most amazing is that he has so much to say and manages to make it highly stylized, logical and accessible all at the same time. This is what the game has been missing. Dangerous Rap!

Saigon is in absolute top form on this project, released on independent Suburban Noize Records. I have never heard of this label but I am SO F***ING HAPPY it exists because absolutely no major would have the balls to release this album. It's too I'm-not-selling-you-anything-but-my-ability good. It's politically charged without being beat me over the head boring. It's gangsta without promoting violence and/or drug use/sales.

'The Greatest Story Never Told Chapter 2' is inspiring on many different levels.

As a grown man who has known pain, struggle and failure but remained true to self, this album speaks to me in all of those things and is by far the greatest success of Saigon's career. 18 tracks of pure unadulterated Hip-Hop. Thank you!!!!

I love this album. I implore you to support this incredible body of work/truth and buy it. Check the free stream on AOL below. I don't know if the stream will expire so check it out ASAP. Then buy it!

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