Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Homeboy Sandman - "Couple Bars" Music Video

I'm convinced that Homeboy Sandman has a 3rd lung or something. Not only is he incredibly gifted as a lyricist but what he does with technique is outrageous! Where most rappers would be gasping for air, Sandy flows on and on as if he doesn't need oxygen.

"Couple Bars" is the latest track from the critically acclaimed 'First of a Living Breed' album to get a visual treatment. In signature Homeboy Sandman fashion, it's beautifully simple, honest and creative. The video takes me back to my teen years. I remember ogling all of the lovely women that I would pass on the street but having no confidence to talk to them. If I could rap like Sandy, this video just may have happened in my life!

Check out the new video and marvel at Sandy's skill...

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