Monday, January 21, 2013

Royce Castro - 'The Gil Cobain Hendrix Xperience'

There are scores of rappers out there vying for a visible space in the corner of the music industry reserved for Rap. There are all sorts of gimmicks and copycats out there so it's always a breath of fresh air to hear someone aspiring to true artistry.

Royce Castro is one such ambitious MC. I happen to know that this project was carefully thought out and crafted for long standing impact. I'm sure that sounds cliche but I can assure you that Royce Castro is the real deal.

The title alone is very lofty and can easily work against an artist. Even the mention of such giants can lead a listener to a heightened expectation and subsequent hard let down. This is not the case with 'The Gil Cobain Hendrix Xperience.' Royce has an extremely passionate project on his hands that is the beginning of a truly unique style. For two prime examples, look to the Tucker Brothers produced "Built 4 Something Special" and "Blues Hip-Hop Rock & Roll." This EP is very fine introduction to the work of a true artist.

Check the stream and free-if-you-insist download below...

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