Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Malkovich - 'Great Expectations'

Would you give up everything for a dream? I mean everything. All of your possessions? Even your home? That's what Iranian American MC Malkovich did to clear the path for his desire to travel and craft great music.

'Great Expectations' is a very lofty title for an album. Probably especially so for a Rap album. Any artist that has the intelligence to allude to Charles Dickens' work certainly grabs my attention though. Malkovich did just that and I'm thoroughly enjoying the sound.

The blurb read, "Great Expectations is an album about the gap between our dreams and our lives." This is a chasm that I'm sure many of us have known. Some built a bridge and crossed and others just stood at the edge on the wrong side.

The album is authentic Boom Bap material with a host of new producers creating the soundscape. Malkovich is a capable lyricist with a sometimes "slumped" delivery that took a little getting used to. If you don't know what "slump" is I don't know what to tell you other than to get your Parliament/Funkadelic game up. Anyway, it's solid material and will certainly be added to my playlist.

Check the limited time free stream and download below.

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