Friday, January 4, 2013

Top 5 Indie R&B Singles of 2012

5. Jaiden - "Melody" feat. Yummy Bingham

This song just feels so good to me. It's so much fun and the vocal performances are really cool. Jaiden is an extremely talented musician and his song writing ability is top notch as well. "Melody" released at the top of 2012 and I remember it being a great start to my year. Thank you Jaiden and Yummy for setting the tone early.  

4. Baiyu - "Make Believe" feat. Paul Kim

Singer, songwriter, model, Harvard grad, tech guru, video editor, CW's The Next contestant and all around bad ass Baiyu had a very big year. The amount of quality work she turned out in 2012 was absolutely amazing. Of the singles released throughout the year, "Make Believe" was my favorite. This girl is so dope! 

3. Bad Rabbits - "We Can Roll"

I lost my mind the first time I heard this song. It's loud, funky and so very different. Bad Rabbits completely killed it with this track. Their on tour starting in February and I will be stopping in to get a dose of this live. I'm going to need somebody to come with me... to pick me up after I pass out. This track is so ridiculous.

2. Kiah Victoria - "Thinkin' About You"

This song is much better than a number 2 slot, but since it's a cover I'm going to slot it here. I have the utmost respect for Kiah Victoria's ability though. This is Frank Ocean's HUGE single from Channel Orange but Kiah makes it entirely her own. I maintain that she did it much better than Frank. Fight me.

1. Cocoa Sarai - "Raining in my Room"

I had heard this song many times before but it transformed for me one night at Sigma Sound in Philadelphia. Cocoa Sarai spoke about the inspiration for the song when she wrote it and how it took on a different life after the death of her mother. The performance that ensued completely destroyed me. I was reminded of a very difficult time in my life and I spent the next few minutes sobbing like a baby.

After her set, I went back stage, still sobbing, and I thanked her. The thank you was for reminding me of how important music is to my life. This is my R&B indie single of the year. Thanks again, Cocoa.

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