Friday, January 4, 2013

Top 5 Indie Rap Singles of 2012

5. Livewire - "Winning" feat. Joe Budden

Livewire had his biggest record to date with "Winning." This product is a prime example of how hard he works on his craft and his career. He's still rapping the brakes off of a lot artists, signed or unsigned and this track displays that fact well. I had a blast with this song and I am extremely proud and grateful that it premiered right here on

4. D.A. the Future - "I Don't Owe You"

I can't ever forget the streets. "I Don't Owe You" is a craaaazy street record that D.A. the Future BODIES! This is the genuine article right here... aggressive, intelligent and dangerous Hip-Hop. D.A and Vinny Idol are buck nutty for this. Sweet mother of all things gangsta...

3. Saigon - "Blown Away"

I could have picked any number of tracks from The Greatest Story Never Told: Chapter 2 but "Blown Away" really struck me with it's heavy content and creativity. There were several artists pushing to swing focus back to content and lyricism in 2012 and Saigon is one of the most capable of the bunch. It's clear from the music on the album and hearing Saigon speak in interviews that he's much more focused as an artist and no longer willing to compromise for major label appeal. Bravo, brother. Bravo.

2. Soope - "MLK"

I don't really have to say much about this song and video. The power is apparent in the audio and visual. Released for Black History Month last year, Soope proved yet again that he can do anything. It's criminal how slept on this track was.

The saying goes, "Real recognize real." This is almost too real. Stellar work from Soope and Nick Brazinsky. I still get goosebumps at the first chorus. Mee-meep!

1. Ghostwridah - "Skittles & Iced Tea"

The murder of Trayvon Martin was a huge story in 2012. It drummed up much discussion and debate about race relations in America, gun control and shoot-first laws. Ghostwridah took initiative and didn't just lend his 2 cents via social media but recorded "Skittles & Iced Tea" and used the proceeds to support the Martin family in their very difficult and public time of mourning.

This is everything I love about and, more importantly, EXPECT OF Hip-Hop. Trayvon's death hit home for me as I've walked the streets of the town where he died and grew up just a few miles away. This track was Ghostwridah's most brilliant and timely single of 2012. Thanks for your voice.

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