Friday, March 1, 2013

Baiyu - "Surface"

It's crazy how this year is flying by. It's March already! As promised, a new month means new music from Baiyu.

This time we're hit with a rhythm heavy uptempo track called "Surface." A tribal feeling poetic song produced by Polo Crew about finding one's way through trials and tribulations (whatever they may be) to the truth. Navigating the darkness to find glory in the light.

As usual, Baiyu completely aces it and adds another significant ribbon to her already heavily decorated rack. She's lookin' like the Champ out here for 2013!

This is my favorite release so far. I feel like this could have been slotted in her last album 'Hunter' which I do not remove from my car, by the way. I feel like she could have easily switched "Surface" with "Lost in Lisbon." It's a really strong track and while I love pretty much everything that she touches, I'm really motivated by her uptempo work.

Get into the free stream and download below...  

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