Friday, January 16, 2009


I started taking Karate classes September of last year. I joined because I've always been interested in the martial arts and, more importantly, I wanted an organized and regular way to get back into shape after I left the hospital. I knew that if I just joined a gym, I wouldn't go half of the time and that would be a stupid waste of money.

I joined a traditional Japanese Shotokan Karate school. Today was the first of a 3 day seminar taught by a master (8th degree black belt). His name is Hiroyasu Fujishima and he is the Chief Instructor in the US for SKIF.

I drove out to Long Island for the event and almost froze myself along the way. I had a high fever last night and got myself through the day with Tylenol. I felt like a complete noodle during class and being that I'm still largely a beginner, I was struggling to keep up as I was one of the VERY few people there below brown belt. There was only one person below me. A white belt. I'm a yellow belt and there was one green belt. Everyone else was blue, brown or black. It was nuts.

Still, it was a great experience and I'm excited to see what we get into tomorrow.

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