Thursday, January 15, 2009

How NOT To Play Beer Pong

Just after the new year, a small group of us got together to do a little bar hopping. We found comfort, and cheap food, at 1-2-3 Burger. We hit the basement for a little privacy and what we thought would amount to a few rounds of Beer Pong. After I got thoroughly thrashed by Riddle Fontaine the next challenger was Stormster. Riddle, being a perfect gentleman allowed her to throw first. She missed on both throws.

Rinse the balls. (No homo) Riddle throws. Two in one cup. Game over.


Stormster said...


It was my first time playing. He already was feeling himself (as far as the game goes) so yeah I got beat. Whateves! I will make a come back.

Lets not forget who introduced us to the lovely spot we all grew to love.

ChicoFontaine said...

LOL it's ok, I'd murder anyone playing by those rules. But ummm yeah ya'll don't wanna see me at pong either.

Wow me and Riddle are just the unbeatable team in everything.

Sgt. Edwards said...

It's ok. these things happen and I offered to help you drink some of the 20 cups of beer in front of you. I am a gentleman.