Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Every sporting event I go to, I always want to be one of the lucky people to get something from the game. You know....sit near the tunnel at an NBA game and get an autograph, catch a foul or homerun ball at a baseball game, etc. Well, last night I finally got my turn!

The homie ChicoFontaine had 4 tickets to the Nets vs. Thunder game at the Izod Center. He couldn't use them and offered them to me. I jumped at the chance and brought along my wife, son and a friend.

During half-time, the crowd exciters came out with their t-shirt launchers and shot a few t-shirts to various spots in the arena. After NONE of them coming even remotely close to our area, I sat down. I turned to my friend and said, "Man, those things never even come close to where I'm sitting!" No sooner than the last word graced my lips, one comes flying almost directly at me. My wife stuck out one of her Cheer Stix and grazed it and it fell into the seat right next to my son! We were all giddy with laughter and shock.

Not very long after that, my son and I were kind of tuned out of the game for a moment. The camera's were panning the crowd so people could shake it for the Jumbotron. I stood up and held my son in my arms and we hooted and hollered at the cameraman. Sure enough, he points the lens right at us and when the Jumbotron switches to his feed, there we are in grand pixelation. Again, we erupted with laughter.

We had such a great time! The nets won in overtime and Brook Lopez had a career night. I tried to get Kevin Durant's game shoes but he ignored me. Another first for me as I've never been able to get to the tunnel.

Anyway, here are a couple of pics from the game:

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THEsolid85 said...

Damn, a perfect shot from the t-shirt cannon AND face time on the jumbotron? can't ask for a much better game experience for the young'n. Cheers!