Saturday, March 28, 2009

25 things about me!!!!!

Monkey See, Monkey Do!

1. Im Puerto Rican

2. Im Bisexual

3. My son has the coolest name EVER lol; Achilles!

4. Im in love with the best man!!!

5. I have a weakness for men who smell yummy!

6. I adore my Blackberry

7. Dont leave without my iPod

8. I am obsessed with Jordans and I'm almost done with my collection

9. I am secretly dreading becoming 27 next week

10. My birthday is April 1st and I also make 4 years with my fiance that day!!

11. I cant wait for my Birthday celebration on April 4th!

12. I dont really like Manhattan

13. I adore the Bronx!!!

14. I love the Yankees so much Ive been known to cut people off who disrespect my team.

15. I have a pet Rabbit named AirMax...

16. Im addicted to Pepsi

17. If I could be in the dark forever Id be content!!!

18. I love the Moon!

19. Im afraid of Clowns

20. Im afraid of Water (drowned when I was 8, almost died)

21. I adore the smell of a woman

22. Booty is my favorite thing in the world

23. If I had to choose between Love or money...I'd choose Love!

24. I know so many secrets and wish I could divulge some of them.


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