Tuesday, March 24, 2009

25 Things You Should Know About Rox Fontaine

Saw this on Facebook and.....well.....monkey see, monkey do.

25 things you should know about me:

1. I have well over 30 jerseys and they are all Gary Payton or Shawn Kemp jerseys. I won't wear anything else.

2. I have a pretty big video game collection. I have more than 35 unique consoles and over 800 games.

3. I have a 1 of 1000 all white Xbox with my name etched in it by Microsoft.

4. Romeo & Juliet is my favorite movie.

5. I have lot of shoes.

6. My first car was an 89 Honda Integra. I crashed it shortly after I got it and broke the front axle.

7. My first (and last) motorcycle was a Kawasaki ZZR-400. I crashed it shortly after I got it and broke the frame.

8. I scored a 1250 on my SAT.

9. I'm a Baha'i.

10. My favorite color is black.

11. I married my wife after only six months of dating. We will celebrate our 9th anniversary this year.

12. I served in the US Air Force.

13. I used to produce music but I quit.

14. I played football from ages 8 to 22. I started at WR and FS for all of those years.

15. My shoe size recently went from 13 to 14.

16. I have a dog named Coolio.

17. I always wanted a drumset. My father-in-law bought me one last year.

18. To many people's surprise, my favorite shoe of all-time is the Air Jordan II.

19. I am the founder of Team L.A.R.K.

20. I own all of Bjork's albums.

21. I love champagne. Dom Perignon was my favorite for many years. Now, it is Veuve Cliquot.

22. I was a member of the Boys Choir of Harlem.

23. I can DJ.

24. I snowboard.

25. I really want to buy a Honda NSX.

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