Monday, March 23, 2009

Birds of a Feather

I met up with KleanKicks today to hang out and do some light shopping. We hopped over the Hudson River to New Jersey to mull around Jersey Gardens. After grabbing lunch at Chili's, we set out to burn some cash. There wasn't much to consider, but we had a great time wasting time.

After I got back from Jersey, I met up with Stormy. We chopped it up for a few hours and had some good laughs as we waxed nostalgic and watched Booty Call. "You've got to lick it, before you kick it! You've got to make it soft and wet before you stick it!" So classic! It was a little saddening to see Bernie Mac in the film. It's still so hard to believe that he's gone. Very funny movie though.

Stormy broke out the Kryptonates for a photo op. Don't be mad.


AirKarinaBx23 said...

Im mad at Stormy...yes I am!!!! ughhhh she rocks!!!! lol, lil miss hottie over there!!!

JaniceLeiMarie said...

I live 5 minutes away from Jersey Gardens! lol