Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Daaaaaamn! You got GOT!

Atlanta police are reporting that Usher was the unfortunate victim of a vehicle break in across the street from a popular shopping mall .  Altogether not that special until you read that this Negro had over a million dollars worth of jewelry, electronics and gear in the car!  Say it with me...


Why on God's Green Earth would you be rollin' around with that much money worth of crap in your car and you are not a Miami coke dealer?  He's claiming a million dollars in jewelry, 50k in furs and 20k in cold hard cash was in the car.  

Cot zang!  This is a side of the game that most of us can only hope to know about.  I thought Usher would be smarter than this.  If you must travel with all of that, why would you not bring a driver to attend your vehicle while you're away from it?  I guess only poor people think this way?

To make matters worse, it seems like he just forgot to lock the damn doors on the car.  A witness reported seeing a man pull up in an Impala and, I quote verbatim, "popped open the door".  Usher better hope Ashton Kutcher was in that Impala.

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