Friday, January 15, 2010

Kamikaze Krazy


I have been hunting for these shoes in my size since 2001.  I wasn't able to afford them when they originally released and they were a very rare find a few years later.  Here it is 2010 and my hunt has resulted in success!  I thought I would get a pair in 2003 when I saw a guy wearing them on the street.  This was down in Union Square.  I pretty much begged and pleaded with the guy to take them off and sell them to me.  I told him I'd take him to one of the many sneaker stores nearby and buy him any pair he wanted as long as they were less than $120.  He really thought about it for a few minutes but decided that they were just too comfortable to give up.  I wanted to kick that guys ass.


I got this pair of Kamikaze I lows in the same deal.  Not a fan of this style in low form but it was a good deal for a wearable pair.  If I can find the mids my cypher will be complete.


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