Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I'm Addicted...

To my Blackberry.  I am 100% "Crackberry" addict.

Today, I did something I've never done before.  I left my Blackberry at home.  (FYI, it's a Tour.)  I was scatterbrained this morning on my way to work and I took off without my cell phone OR my wallet.    I noticed I left my phone right away but I would have been late if I went back upstairs to get it.  I thought I could handle a day without it.  I didn't realize I left my wallet until I wanted to step out with a coworker to go get some donuts much later in the day.  That ticked me off because I had to borrow two dollars to get donuts.  I don't carry any cash with me to work.  If you've been reading my blog, you know that I'm an impulse buyer.  I don't carry cash because I will spend every cent in my pocket on random crap in the vending machine if I do.  This is all beside the point though....

After about 2 hours into work, I started getting the itch.  I found myself reaching, out of pure habit, for my phone to see if my little red light was blinking.  It was pathetic.  Once would have been OK.  We are creatures of habit after all.  After the 4th and 5th time though, I was just embarrassed......for myself.  I had to get my fix so I went to one of my coworkers and hijacked her for her BB.  She has the Tour as well so that was even better.  I made my usual internet rounds and all was well again.  (Sidebar: We're WebSensed from damn near everything at work so I have to get my digital fix via my cell phone.)  My wife, knowing how addicted I am, was sure to bring the phone when she picked me up from work.  I snatched it from her like a rabid dog being fed a piece of chicken.

Plus 1,000 douche bag points for me when I realized that I missed pretty much NOTHING.  Shoutout to Burger though!  She was the only person to BBM me today. 

* Look at the picture.  I still have the original damn plastic on the screen and I got this phone back in November!  Don't bite my theme swag either.

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